Friday, December 15, 2006

Shewmake races for endorsement in 68th

Will Shewmake has entered the race for the Republican nomination for dlegate to the General Assmbly for the 68th. The 68th includes mostly Chesterfield with some parts of western Richmond. Chesterfield has tended to vote mostly Republican in the past but the races in the most recent lections have seen some inroads by Democrats. Shewmake was a former Planning Commissioner for Chesterfield and resides in Midlothian. He sought the Midlothian district's Board of Supervisor spot but lost the republican nomination to Don Sowder. Many within the community while not happy with the current course of the Board with regard to various issues currenlt before it, may be glad that Shewmake did not win that race with Sowder so he can now represent Chesterfield in the House of Delegates. Katherine Wadell, an Independent, took the 68th from Brad Marrs and is believed to be running for re-election.
Mr. Shewmake had breakfast with supporters at Joes Inn in Bon Air recently and presented himself as simply a hard-working man of the community who feels Chesterfield has very little voice in the House. I tend to agree. Having breakfast at Joes, a place anyone with family in Bon Air knows offers big portions with tremendous value correlates well with Will Shemake in that his vision is to deliver big for Chesterfield. Shewmake will face Manoli Loupassi for the Republican nomination. Stay tuned.


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