Friday, December 15, 2006

Gecker to stay on Commission

Dan Gecker (D) who was defeated by Don Sowder for the Midothian Distrcit Board Of Supervisors in November will continue to remain on the Planning Commission throughout 2007. Mr. Gecker has yet to announce he will contest Sowder again next November when Sowder finishes completing the remaining year Ed Barber had on the Board.
Gecker should remain busy on the Commsiion with the number of new projects coming before the Commission and the Board for that matter going into 2007. The biggest may be the watershed issue of Upper Swift Creek. This watershed includes most of northwestern Chesterfield and continued development in this area could potentially threaten Swift Creek resoervoirs ability to provide suitable drinking water for County residents. This area remains one of the fastes growing areas in the county if not the Richmond area and continued development, either residential or commercial , requires roads which impact runoff. We say this during the last major storms. Gecker has the opportunity to do what the members of the Board of Supervisors have chosen not to and that is realistically attempt to control growth. Gecker could be a voice of reason on the Commisson with regard to limiting rezoning and slowing growth until the counties infrastrcuture catches up with it. Maybe the Board should look at the statewide issue of roads and the focus on NOVA because those areas failed ten years ago to plan out its future and beyond ten years.

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