Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snake Oil Liberalism- Part I

In looking back on the decade that has just past, it is growingly apparent that though the Democrats sit in power of this great land they have lost their souls. Not all "Democrats" however apear willing to to fall into the abyss of liberalism and are beginning to pull back. These Democrats are those mostly residing in the South, who have never actually been truly aligned with the Northeastern brand of Liberalism that permeates the Democrat Party. Many of these Dixiecrats and Conservative Democrats are more closely related with the moderate policies of say a Bill Clinton than the vastly liberal ones of a Barrack Obama.

We also have to examine the transition undergone by the platform of the Democrats itself. How many self-professed "progressives" were there at the beginning of the last decade in Congress? Now, like so many things in the Democrat Party the leadership appears content with attaching itself to whats hip or cool in the short term. Afterall, the term "liberal" had pretty much taken the worst beating of any political philosophy from a pure publicity standpoint. Even the leadership of the Party must admit that its purely a stunt to have these leadrrs who have been in Congress for decades to suddenly shift in thought to a "progressive" view of the world.

Fact is these leaders have not shifted. Its a muse. Like so much in Washington its smoke and mirrors. Its Liberalism with a nice shiny coat of lipstick. And Snake Oil Liberalism at that. The selling of this new foundation of the Party has hit one very big hurdle with the Party elite; America ain't buying. The polling is demonstrating that the Party is losing any opportunity to capitalize on its power and further demonstrates that Democrats are not programed as a Party apparatus to lead. Instead, Democrats are more established as the opposition party and that role is better suited for them. Why?

If you paid attention this last decade, Democrats do better with a villain, a target, or frankly just someone to blame for everyone's lot in life. They have shown in 2009 that they are ill-suited to be the Party in power and can't seem to get it together in terms of agenda. The reason for this is the Democrats "big tent" mantra creates splinter elements all the way up the leadershop ladder who have allegiances to varying elements. An example of this is easily demonstrated over the so called "public option" coupled with the issues regarding abortion funding in the health care bill.

I mentioned early on about the Dixiecrats or Southern New Democrats whom are mostly conservative and are reffered in Congress as "blue dogs" will have a huge cross to bear in coming years if they do not withdraw support for this administrations agenda. The result if they fail to do will be catastrophic to them both individually and to the South as well. You see, "blue dogs" will have to face the growing momentum of liberals in the Party to take a very hard look at gun control in the next year or so. It does not take a political genius to recognize that Southerns love their guns. What will the conservatives in the Party do when the Obama folks circle the wagons on this issue and expect all Democrats to deliver reform of gun rights and laws?

Snake Oil policy thats what. They will placate the liberals with the notion of gun reform all the while hoping to rope in the conservatives with some watered down policy that will inch the country closer and closer to the British model. Afterall, the Progressives seek to model America after the failed state of Europe with every policy they have sought to implement. This of course smacks of denying our own history and the principles upon which our great nation was founded.

The heros are not the Washingtons, Jeffersons, or the Madisons but rather the radicals of the Progressive movement of the turn of the century in the eyes of the leadership in Washington today. They have sought to change the very education our youth experience by focusing more on "causes" than on history. They seek to create a disconnect with performance, individuality and goal setting and replace it with more of a greater dependence on society. They have sought to create a collective community and have been using the educational system as a sword to do so. They started first with the removal of Christian elements, ending the pledge of allegiance and of course attempted to remove any reference of God in coursework or celebration in an attempt to create a more collective community; a more sympathetic environment for the minority and one where it is more important to heed the offenses of others than promote the truth of our Founding Fathers and the true heritage of this country.

During the last decade we have seen that these Progressive appear to be engaging in a "de-americanization" process of our government. They have done so buy attemtping to grant even more power to central government, which is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned against. They have sought to expand roles of Fed policy and left the Fed unchecked all the while telling America that it was the lack of regulation that created the most recent crisis in our economy. They have sought to target Wall Street as the great evil and yet never appear to want to tackle the fact that in Texas its big oil, in California its Silicon Valley that have as must political weight as Wall Street where the average worker brings in around 75K a year. Again they have created a target to illustrate why it is that their policy should be followed and yet everyone of the principle players in Obama's house has ties to this "evil" and come directly from the lions den of Wall Street. An industry by the way that contributed more to Obama's campaign in 2008 than to McCain and one located in the state of New York which leans highly liberal in ideology and voting historically.

Again, Snake Oil Liberalism.


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Clay Barham said...

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Anonymous said...

WOW great post and start Alter. The Dems certainly are not the same ones that governed under Clinton a mere decade ago and yet many are the same players as you suggest.

The Dems should be thankful the terror attempt aboard the flight from overseas was unsuccessful. Had it not been, Obama would be done! Regardless, they are weak on national security and always have been.

JoeinBonAir said...

Very true. The Democrats of today are certainly not the Democrats of our fathers let alone our grandfathers. They have wandered into the abyss of power and have truly lost their way.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is snake oil liberalism. Same as the snake oil the current GOP office holders have been selling.

Both are equally worthless.

Anonymous said...


The difference being that the GOP may be the Party of "NO" right now, but the Democrats waving the banner of new liberal-progressivism are the Party of Decline. They need to create an environment of misery for their agenda to be suited to take root in society. Afterall, is this not why Obama failed to address the economy as his first major task in 2009 and instead focused on Healthcare and Cap & Trade?

TJ said...

The professional Democrats in Washington are making it easy for the GOP in the Fall to take seats away in Congress, especially the House. The leadership is just too arrogant to see it and are blinded by feel good politics lacking any principles.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

So true and excellently done Alt....

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