Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warner,Webb, Scott duck invite by WRVA; offer no Town Halls

In an effort to get the issues on the healthcare debate out there and to bring about greater accessibility that those little town hall meetings do not seem to be offering, WRVA 1140 and the Doc Thompson show invited Warner, Webb, and Scott whom have no scheduled town hall meeting for citizens to come on the show and broaden the dialogue with voters.

Apparently, WRVA has gotten no response to their invitation. It begs the question exactly why it would be that such prominent leaders representing the DPVA as Senators Webb and Warner would duck an invitation by one of the largest audiences in Central Virginia . Rep. Bobby Scott (D) was also extended an invitation to come on the radio. WRVA 1140 carries Glenn Beck and Rush followed by the Doc Thompson show which is based right here in Richmond each day during the week.

None of these leaders have a single scheduled event to take the case of the Obama Administration directly to the voters. Is this not the fight of the Democrat Party? Is not the healthcare debate more important than a two week trip to Asia by Sen. Jim Webb? Why is the man who has built his brand around being "business savvy" in Sen. Mark Warner not talking the case directly to the people regarding the cost effectiveness of the proposals being worked out in both the House and Senate?

How is it that Virginia Democrats are sitting on the sidelines during this debate over Healthcare? It seems apparent that the GOP is rallying forces to defeat such proposals, though locally neither Rep. Eric Cantor (R-7th CD) nor Rep. Randy Forbes(R-Chesterfield) have formal town hall meetings scheduled either. Forbes has held so-called "teleconferences" with voters, but those things are not exactly open-access. Cantor never seesm to hold meetings during the recess period and has historically since entering Congress used that time for fundraising purposes for both himself, PACS and other GOP candidates.

One would think basaed on the voting patterns in Virginia and the nature of the State being largely populated with independent-minded voters whom often split-tickets at the polls that there would be more effort put in, especially by the Democrats to make the case for Obama's agenda.

Evidently as Obama's numbers continue to decline, now under 50% for the first time according to Rassmussen, these leaders appear content to hide out and play wait and see until September.

The problem with that strategy is they run the risk of it being too late in September.

Eric Cantor, whom some have said is potentially a likely candidate for the Senate if not a potential run at the White House is losing a great opportunity to build some real recognition in this debate and Sen. Warner and Webb are missing an opportunity to address those supoporters in the "middle" throughout Virginia that elected them in the first place.


Anonymous said...

The 3:00 WRVA show is racist.
Clear Channel uses WRVA to dump low end commercials as part of its media packages. They appeal to the lowest commom denominator. Thats why modt of the commercials are for credit repair and male remedies.

AM radio has had lots of trouble adjusted to the loss of music as a format. It has pretty much lost the mass audidence and has to appeal to the lower end of the market.

Ask any media buyer.

James said...

What BS in the first comment. WRVA os one of the most profitable outlets for CC. WRVA has the highest rated programming in Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity as well as a few other nationally syndicated shows.

Does not WRVA garner more listeners than most FM stations in Richmond on a daily basis? The greatest volume is at stations like K95 in Central Virginia.

I dare to say that the first comment is politicially motivated and not fact-based at all regarding volume and profits.

To call WRVA "racist" is not only off base but exactly what is wrong with the debate today in America. We don't like someone or some entity and instead of debating issues we play race baiting. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Hey jack*** who posted the first comment, Gov. Kaine used to always come on that radio station-1140AM in the morning.

I guess he is "racist" to right?

Sounds like ANON is one of the "fairness doctrine" advocates since he clearly dislikes Clear Channel lineups nationally.

Anonymous said...

It is very surprising to me that Mark Warner has been very quiet his first six months in office.

People always associate Waerner with business and has been held up as a model of New Democrat on the national level from the South and yet he has not been used by the Party to help with selling healthcare or the stimulus bill. I draw the conclusion that Warner really in his heart does not support these programs, but as a first term Senator is obliged to go along with the administration and vote Yes.

The fact that he is not out there in the public eye on these issues is amazing. I think it means that he has no confidence in what is being proposed.

Anonymous said...

No surprise with Scott. He was not challenged last cycle by anyone and until the lines are redrawn is entrenched in the House.

He will be one of the dems that certainly will be clear of any blowback.

Anonymous said...

Webb is enjoying that Far East trip. He may simply be the smartest Senator in Congress. Obviously he knows when to get out of the kitchen.

John said...

I supported Warner over Gilmore and am a moderate Republican. I bought the bill of goods. I will not support Warner again in six years no matter what. He has been unimpressive thus far and rather silent on the stimulus and much of Obamacare.

Hopefully, McDonnell will win this November and in five years run against Warner for Senate!!!

Jody L. Wilcox said...

This ducking from the DEMS to get their message out (radio and townhalls especially) will back fire since the frustration of consituents not being heard will be a lasting feeling come their election time.