Friday, May 15, 2009

Interesting New Minority Population Data Released

Some interesting growth patterns within Virginia's population data on the heels of the current housing issues that continues to hit certain areas within the Commonwealth.

In Chesterfield County, over the last eight years the Hispanic community has grown 135% to represent 5.9% (18,000 residents)of the overall population estimated at 303,469. The County also experienced an increase of 42.5% within the African-American community compared to 25% in Henrico, 22% Hanover and 18% in Hopewell. The fastest growing African-American community is Colonial Heights where the population has grown 102% over the last eight years.

The Asian Community of Henrico represents some 5.2% of the overall Henrico population. Thats an increase of 56.6% in eight years and in fact the Asian population in Henrico rose 3.6% in 2007/08 alone.

The Hispanic population in Virginia represents 4.5% of the overall population or 531K while the Asian community comes in at 3.3% or 378K of the overall Virginia population.

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Beth Anne Johnson said...

Are you making the implication that the County demographics are changing and if so what impact are you anticipating?