Monday, April 27, 2009

Robious Road Community Coalition

The launch of the Robious Road Community Coalition will begin next month and Alter of Freedom and The Contemporary Conservative I have been informed will be featured Chesterfield County blogs in the network.

It is my undertanding that RRCC will have its very on social media networking site for interaction amongst residents as opposed to the open Facebook application. Residents will be invited to join the group from existing members (friends) of the Coalition. Anyone will be eligible however, and there is no residency requirement for involvement.

Expect some great content coming down the pipe for residents as they will have there own inside seat to Board and Planning Meetings and will have, when required, a voice at those meetings should enough residents deem it necessary and want their voices heard but cannot make down to the Complex.

An example, Do you feel that a subdivision should have the right to engage in an agreement with a cell tower company for the placement of such tower independent of the Board of the residents within the subdivision in majority agree it would be in the best interests of the development to do so? Think of the pools and clubs scattered about our developments; what if a cell company proposed to pay the subdivison $500 or $1,000 a month fee for the right to erect such a tower?

More to follow on the RRCC once things are released.

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