Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chesterfield Board Meetings Go Streaming

As we have all come to realize, some of us later than others, "Time" is by the far the one resource most of us have in short supply. There are so many things that pull our attentions, whether it be our daily lives of work or family affairs, away from our local governance that I for one am glad to see Chesterfield County introduce live streaming video of Board Meetings on the internet.

This has been awhile in the making, but the current Board has the potential of reaping some reward from this endeavor as residents stressed in the last election cycle greater transparency of government. For some time the meetings could be viewed via Comcast cable live but at times the time frame of these meetings are in direct conflict during the week with family dinners, yes some of us still eat together as a family, or sports practices or in all honesty being aired up againmst popular television programs. The streaming video will enable those of us to leave the media player up and running in on our computer monitor while those in the family who would prefer to watch television may still do so, at cultural peril these days in my opinion.

Chesterfield County is by far well ahead of other localities on this front. I venture to say that the City of Richmond would never adopt such measures for fear of demonstrating just how divisive that body of government truly appears at times though they do air such Council meetings on television as well. It would be interesting to see just the numbers of viewers taking interest in watching such meetings. Citizen involvement unforutnately has been relagated to a reactionary stance rather than a proactive one and hopefully such streaming video may afford more citizens the opportunity to become aware of such measures being considered that may impact citizens going forward.

You will need to download from the internent a Media Player Version 9 or higher and have broadband connection capability and log onto www.chesterfield.gov to gain access to the streaming video during meetings. A list of General Meeting times can be found on that same website.


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