Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cash Proffer Reality

Our Board Of Supervisors has determined that a raise in the cash proffer; the amount the developer of a parcel would pay to offset county services, is not neccessary. The rate remains at a maximum of 15,600. At a time when our general Assemble continues the debate on funding for transportation woes throughout the state it is as if theis Board is in a state of prayer that the State will somehow come to the rescue. Instead of making sure our own house; ie county is in order we are heading down the path of other juristictions that have failed their citizens in this area. How. By seeking to grow and attract Virginians to Chesterfield we are asking folks to come and join us in our great county and spending alot of money to get them here but then once the arrive at the party realize we forgot to get a caterer. Thats the reality. Across the board we will undergo painful growth not "managed" growth. We have overcrowded schools in areas, trailers outside some schools, neccessary underfunded road projects, re-zoning issues unresolved all the while more and more people arrive each quarter. We are selling the dream but delivering anything but. Proffers is a neccessary step, and the increase proposed to 22,600, would have benefited the county even if building permits trend lower. What the Board is saying is that they do not forsee an increase in expenses for county services, roads and other projects that will need to be funded eventhough we have just learned that new schools will be twice what was projected to construct based on current market conditions.
By not raising the proffer our Board feels compelled to make the citizens of the county pay for it. Developers win again....we lose again.

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